Network of European Cultural Managers

ORACLE is a network of European Cultural managers, having their focus on projects of European dimension and who are of the opinion, that intercultural co-operations are of big importance in the modern Europe, especially within the context of the European Union as a political construct.

The crucial difference to other European Cultural Networks is that Oracle’s members are not associations but individuals. ORACLE is a dynamic network being shaped by the impulses and contributions of its members. Many different motivations signify the special esprit of this network. The two most mentioned reasons for a participation are „communication“ and „information“.

As diverse as its members, as diverse are the benefits that the ORACLE-network offers:

∗ Finding new professional and personal contacts

∗ Information about Europe-wide cultural activities and projects

∗ Information about current European cultural affairs (new trends and processes in European cultural policies, subsidies etc.)

∗ Information about new ways in the multilateral cultural work (Marketing, Management, Fundraising etc.)

∗ Possibilities to find project partners

∗ Exchange of personal experience, obstacles and challenges in the daily cultural work as well as how to deal with them

∗ Information about job-possibilities as well as new professional perspectives

∗ Positive development of ones personality through the intercultural dialog

In September 1992 ORACLE was founded in Athens by participants of the European Diploma in Cultural Project Management (, a pan-European training program aimed at cultural project managers willing to co-operate with other regions of Europe. This "nomadic" training program fosters cultural diversity and cross-regional exchanges in Europe. Since 1989 about 380 cultural managers from 41 different countries have attended this trainings program. Since 1993 most of them became members of ORACLE.

Founded as "International non profit association" (AISBL) registered in Bruxelles ORACLE is due to legal changes since 2006 a "National non profit association" (ASBL) registered in Bruxelles.

ORACLE has about 255 members from 41 European countries, as well as some from Africa and America. Most of its members are graduates of the "European Diploma in Cultural Project Management". Yet ORACLE welcomes also other cultural mangers being interested in the network.

ORACLE is an instrument of communication, exchange and information. It functions mainly through conferences, permanent contacts and publications.

The idea is to organise an annual meeting in different hosting countries
Next meeting: Luxembourg 2010, 22-24th April 2010

Seville (ES), 2009

Ljubljana (SI), 2008

Vienna (AT), 2007

Ohrid (MK), 2006

Brussels (BE), 2005

Oulu (FI), 2002

Belgrade (SCG), 2001

Paris (FR), 2000

Lille (FR), 1999

Tatihou (FR), 1997

Krakow (PL), 1994

Many projects were already carried out in the name of ORACLE or with ORACLE as a partner
For example:
LEAD – Linked European Arts Database,
Leonardo Program INOCULT,

SUS.DIV – Sustainable Development in a Diverse World, New forms of citizenship and cultural identities (2005 – 2010), SUS.DIV is a five year project (2005-2010) supported by the European Commission's FP6 programme Citizens and Governance in the Knowledge-based Economy, contact: Ljiljana Simic-Deru (,

ORACLE supports its members with professional advice, help and information about questions and problems relating to European cultural work.

Robert Alagjozovski (Macedonia), president
Tamara Jokovic (Montenegro-Spain), secretary
Luc Braconnier (Luxembourg), cashier
Ljiljana Simic-Deru (Belgium), board member
Louise Allen (Ireland),board member

Oracle Secretariat
2 Place M. Van Meenen
1060 Brussels - Belgium
Tél : +32 2 641 89 80
Fax : +32 2 641 89 81
Tram 81 - 82 - 55 - 3 - 90 (arrêt Horta)
Contact person:
Tamara Jokovic, secretary,
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